Enough is Enough...well, maybe just one more

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Once I find something I really like I keep my eye open for "just one more."  They say if you have three of anything, you have a collection.  I guess you can say I have a small collection of brass bamboo trays.  They are just so pretty and look good wherever you place them in your home.  I've even put some outside on my patio when the weather is pleasant.

My daughter, Sarah, found this tray at a Good Will in Shreveport last summer.  I love how big it is and the octagon shape is so unusual.   

I know you're supposed to polish brass to give it that shiny look, but I rather like the dull look.  Dull doesn't show fingerprints or dust.  However, an inch of dust topped with glitter is not acceptable! Ugh.
 While taking these pictures I realize my dust rag needs to be set into action TODAY.

Yes, you do see " I Married Adventure" with zebra cover!
I find most of these trays at estate sales.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  Prices are usually around $18.

A little bird told me that there is a good estate sale coming up next week in the Tulsa area.  www.estatesalesbyallen.com
Maybe I'll find one more brass bamboo tray...just one more, I promise. 


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