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Monday, January 5, 2015

 Metal Planter $30.00

I am always on the look out for unusual plant containers. Gone are the days of plain ol' clay pots.  Today I was
making my usual trip to Hobby Lobby and I found this wonderful metal container.  Nothing catches my eye faster
than their yellow clearance stickers. 

This planter is 13 inches tall - plenty deep enough for small shrub roots and 25 inches long.  This length would allow for so many beautiful plants.  Next fall I may fill it with 50 tulip bulbs...can you imagine!

Now I am faced with the question:  Where to put it?  I know I will find the perfect spot, and then move it every spring, just for fun. Maybe I should go buy one more.  I always like to buy in pairs - not sure why.

Hobby Lobby has several of these in different sizes so don't walk, RUN to your nearest Hobby Lobby.

 I do recommend keeping this metal pot on cement.  It has little ball feet, but you don't want it sitting on dirt.
You will need to drill holes for drainage - but that's not hard.  I'm going to spray the outside and inside of the container with a clear polyurethane to reduce rust.  I'm sure it's not a forever container...but I'll bet it will last 5 years.


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