Today is an Outside Day!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Today is going to be an Outside Day! 
 I used to love hearing those
words on the intercom coming from our principal, Mr. Bradshaw. It
gave everyone a spring in their step unless it was windy...
It's amazing how quickly first graders get that "windy" smell from being outside just a few minutes.  Back in those days I would secretly burn a candle immediately after recess in my classroom. 
Today here in Tulsa it is going to be very warm - near 80 degrees. 
If we reach 82 degrees that will be a record temperature for January.
This is a Eugenia.  They make the best topiaries.  They are tropical so they must spend the winters inside - unless of course, it is an "Outside Day." 
In the fall I transplant them into plastic, easy to manage pots and then in the spring I replant them into my cement bow pots.  Southwoods Nursery now has these pots. 
Home Depot sells Eugenia plants in the summer.  They grow best in semi-shade.
Hope you enjoy your "Outside Day."
Memories of last summer

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