Adding a Little Touch

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Finally using these cherry plates this weekend!

You never get too old to learn something new.  I am always picking up ideas from Pinterest, magazines, and friends.  My friend, Mary Jane, is one of the most creative people I know.  She collects decorative items just for her party table settings.  When you go to a party at her house you are always blown away by the details.  Mary Jane will often use a decorative paper plate on top of her china just to add a pop of color.

I don't like serving on paper plates because they tend to collapse without warning.  Remember those commercials showing paper plates vs. Styrofoam plates?  You can almost think of these paper plates as little chargers.  

So, when you are out shopping and you see pretty paper plates, (especially if they are on sale) remember you can use them to add that special little touch.

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