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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I am a broken record when it comes to coleus.  They are so easy to
grow and are such "show offs" in any garden location.
They are perfect in pots and are show stoppers when planted in mass.

I am getting a little worried you haven't ordered your coleus.
Of course, you can find them in the Tulsa area nurseries - but I can
PROMISE you they are nothing like the ones you can order
on line.

I always order mine from www.rosydawngardens.com
Their selection of colors is amazing.  Each coleus plant is $4.95 - unless you order something really fancy.  They have a flat shipping rate of $15.00.
I ordered with my garden buddy Teresa.  When you go in with a friend
you can split the shipping cost and share cuttings
once they start getting established.
 You can grow at least 20 plants from one plant - once the soil is warm you just
stick a cutting in the ground - no rooting required.  How's that for stretching your dollar?
I grow coleus all over my yard - sun areas and shade areas.  I find they grow best
in half day sun and half day shade.  They also seem to be pest free and drought
tolerant.  Just an all around great plant for the experienced and
"not so experienced" gardener. 

Coleus in a summer bouquet.

I have found in years past that they will run out of the more
popular coleus...so order today!

*You can choose your delivery date.  For the Tulsa area, I suggest after April 20th.

Let me know if you want the list of the ones I have ordered for Spring 2015. 

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  1. Hello! I'd love to know what coleus you've ordered for this spring, seems like you have the experience to know which ones really work. Thanks, Becky


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