Practically Perfect in Every Way

Friday, February 6, 2015


The minute I see the Valentine candy and cards on display around town
my wheels start turning.  Every year I try to get an "I Love You" box
ready for my daughters.  As they have become wives and now
mothers I realize how important it is that they get a
little extra attention from me.
Once we become grandparents we so often focus our attention
on our grandbabies - therefore, our daughters loose
that attention we once gave them. They deserve a little extra attention - they lead
such busy lives - plus they live so far away from ME!!!!!
 This year I came up with a few things that I hope S & L will like.
I am keeping several things secret.

Seed Packets of their favorite flowers.  Both S & L are successful gardeners and are
teaching my grand daughters how to grow flowers.  Nothing could make
me happier.

Nail Polish "For Audrey"- Supposedly the new color for spring!

Rice Krispy Treats - They mail well.  I added pink food coloring to the marshmallows to make them pink.

 I am so very thankful for my daughters and I love them so much!
I truly think they are practically perfect in every way.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Love, Mom

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