Time For a Trim

Monday, February 9, 2015


Every winter in February I trim all of my nandinas.  I trim every branch off of the main trunk.
I do this because they will continue to put on their spring growth on top of last
year's growth and then it becomes a big thick mess of new leaves on top of new leaves.

Nandina after the trim.

If you wait too late it makes it hard to trim the old branches off without damaging the new branches
coming out.  You can't hurt the plant with this massive trimming.
This allows your nandina to have lacy, airy, branches...with all new leaves.

Once you see the beginning of a new leaf emerging from the stalk you can be sure that
others will be soon to follow in just a few days.  

This nandina trimming is the very first thing I do at the beginning of the spring season.
It's a sure sign that spring is right around the corner.




  1. Thanks for posting before and after pictures...been trimming my Nandina wrong all these years! Love your blog and am now a faithful follower.

  2. Thanks! I was nervous about how much to trim!


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