A Sure Sign of Spring

Thursday, March 12, 2015


 A sure sign of spring is the Lenten rose. They bloom around Lent. 
 I am amazed by the detail. Aren't the blooms beautiful?
Lenten rose, common name Helleborus, is a shade loving
perennial - comes back every year. 

I have my Lenten roses planted up close to my house in full shade.
They seem to like it there and they get better each year.
They are evergreen and stay around 12 inches in height.


I've noticed nurseries have Lenten roses right now. 
Try to find a plant that is already blooming so
that you know what you are buying.  I bought a "double" that ended up
being a "single" once it bloomed. 
Lenten rose are becoming so popular that nurseries are starting to carry
the fancier blooms.  The lighter colored blooms show the pretty
little dots on the petals.
Prices for 1 gallon are around $7.00.  
They are super easy to grow - just plant them in the
"Teel Soil Mix" mixed with your existing soil.
 Keep in mind you will have this plant for years
and the best part is that they multiply.

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