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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Inspiration Picture
Last summer I had a beautiful, blooming Knock Out Rose and the next minute it was dead.
Not sure what happened but I was secretly glad it had "expired."
I always have a back up plan for any area of my yard that becomes open for business.

This is the area where the rosebush had been.  I also had some healthy perennials that I
transplanted to new areas.  This flowerbed was never exactly what I wanted.
The balance was off.
Last fall Home Depot had their boxwoods marked down to $1.75 each.
I bought as many as I could get in my car (25)  knowing I could use them somewhere. 
 That was a little greedy but what a deal!  They had been over $6.50 each.
So from late October until February I kept these
babies watered and up against the south side of my house.

Before I planted the boxwoods last month I amended the soil with the "Teel Mix."
I won't trim the boxwoods until May.  I hope the bed soon looks like
my inspiration picture.  It's funny how one picture can make all the difference.

Teel Mix: 1 bag of Back to Nature
               1 bag of Compost Peat
                     1 bag Mushroom Compost
    1 bag Moo Nure
Westlake Ace Hardware
I did the Teel Mix times 2 for this bed.

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