"Teel Soil Mix" Now at Westlake Hardware

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

"Stained Glass" Hosta (my favorite)
For the past two years I have used a special compost mix in my flowerbeds and garden.
I came about this mix when in a hurry one day at Westlake Hardware.
I didn't have time to get a load of compost so I ran to my Westlake and
said, "I'll take this, this, this and this."
Tierella Foam Flower

Indian Pink - an Oklahoma Native
After a season of growing flowers, herbs and vegetables in this mix I was surprised
at the outcome.  My plants looked so healthy and my earthworms thanked me. :)
I have told everyone I know about this mix.  It's just an easy way to add the right amount
of compost to your soil and it's so readily available.
       Teel Soil Mix
40 # Mushroom Compost
40 # Peat Compost
25#  Moo Nure
2 Cu. Ft. Back to Nature
I mix these 4 bags together and add it to my existing soil.
Westlake Hardware has a special
card at all checkouts in the Tulsa area that
lists the "Teel Soil Mix."
 Tell them Beth sent you.   


  1. Thank you for recommending the Teel mix. I am sure my daffodils bulbs like it.

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