The Cross

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Several of you have asked how I made the cross for my front door.
It's very easy.  I bought the willow branches at Sam's - floral department last year,
cut them the length I wanted and then tied them together using brown paper covered
wire.  I found the wire at Hobby Lobby. 
I used an "x" cross pattern in the middle of the cross. 
I hope this makes sense to you. 
Today at Sam's I noticed that they have the willow branches in stock again!
  They are $5.74 a bunch.  I bought 2 bunches just in case.
This would be a nice gift to make for a friend for Easter.
If you are able to hang the wreath in a protected area in a closet,
it will last for several years. 
My cross is hung over an Easter Egg wreath I found many
years ago at Tuesday Morning. 

Buy an extra bundle for a vase. It adds such a nice spring touch!

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