They Pack a Wallop of Nutrients

Monday, March 9, 2015


Have you heard about microgreens?  They are becoming oh so popular!
They pack a wallop of nutrients.  These baby "greens" have four to six times more
nutrients than the mature vegetable. 
With winter on it's way out the door I decided to buy some vegetable
seeds and see if I could grow some microgreens for myself.  They grow so fast!
Mine were ready to harvest in 7 days.  I am going to let some of my microgreens grow a little longer.  The average time for development is 10 - 14 days.
 You just cut the microgreen at soil level.
  Once you cut the green it won't grow any more.
I set my containers in a sunny window, but they truly took very little sun.     

I started with one of those containers that mushrooms come in.  Poked holes in it for
drainage.    Filled the containers with Jiffy Natural & Organic Seed Starting Mix. 

Planted the tiny seeds following the directions on the back of the seed packages.
Topped with a little more soil and then watered.  Be careful not to plant seeds too deep.
These are the seeds Day 3.  Wake up, little ones.  I think the radish seeds
are the fast ones! 

Day 4
This would be such a fun grand child activity :)

 Day 5

Day 6
Notice the red stems?  Those are the beet microgreens.
There are so many seeds you can plant.  Google to find out which seeds are the highest
in certain nutrients.  You can top soups, sandwiches and salads with microgreens.
You could also put these nutrient rich greens in your morning smoothies.

Day 7
Grow an extra container of microgreens to give to a friend.  Include several packets of seeds
and instructions for your friend to grow once their microgreens have been


  1. Photos better than National Geographic! Can't wait to buy some seeds and grow my "little" greens.


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