Your Very Own Pie!

Friday, March 6, 2015


Do you have a family recipe that is a part of your family traditions?
That's this chocolate pie recipe.  This pie shows up at most of our family
gatherings and special events. 
 My daughters, Sarah & Lauren,
have perfected this recipe.  Now they take this pie to
their friends and family events and it will soon become a tradition in their families.
Yesterday I signed up to bring a dessert to our dinner club.  I thought it would be fun
to make individual pies for each person attending.  I used these 5 inch pie plates from
World Market.  Aren't they cute?  I love this size.
  It probably gives you the same amount of pie as a 1/8 regular slice,
but there's just something about having your very own pie!

 Here's my recipe:
           Beth's Chocolate Cream Pie
           1 cup sugar
           2 TBS. flour
               3 TBS. cornstarch
           7 TBS. Cocoa
           3 egg yolks
           3 cups milk
           1 tsp. vanilla
           2 TBS. unsalted butter
           Combine all ingredients except vanilla in medium saucepan.  Cook slowly on low
           heat stirring constantly.  I stir with a wire whisk.  Once mixture is thick add
           1 tsp. vanilla.  Pour all of this mixture now into a baked pie shell.
           Chill, serve with whipped cream.

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