Back Home in Oklahoma

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Lauren's sister-in-law, Kaelee, moved home to Oklahoma this past fall.
She and her husband, also from Oklahoma, bought a beautiful new home in
Bixby.  Their builder was willing to deduct his landscaping allowance
 from their total cost which enabled us to come up with a more personalized 
landscape plan for their front yard.   

 Once I had a plan together, Kaelee's mother, Kristi, and I started getting the soil ready.
We dug up sheetrock, bricks, shingles, rocks and cement globs.  We noticed that the
soils was full of that dreaded clay so we added many, many bags of "Teel Mix."
We basically got the bed ready for winter - planting only a few shrubs.

Now that spring has arrived the plants were installed today.  Kaelee picked out a
perfect color mix of impatiens - "VooDoo" (funny name) a color
combination of purple, orange and coral.  These are colors Kaelee likes and with the orange
dominance this will take her on into the fall season.

The other shrubs we used were:
Green Mountain Boxwood
Dwarf English Boxwood
"Girard Renee Michelle" Azalea
Yew Taxus
Japanese Maple
Bird Nest Spruce
"Carnival Rose Granita" Coral Bells
Flirtation Orange
"Merritt's Supreme" Hydrangea
"Gold Zebra" Foamy Bells
"Black Scallop" Ajuga
"VooDoo" Impatiens


We are so very thankful to have Josh and Kaelee back home in Oklahoma.  It has been
a pleasure to design a landscape that will make their new home one that they can be
proud of one that will change with the seasons. 




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    1. Good Morning Dee! I'm truly not finished...are we ever? I treat it like it's my yard. Thank you for commenting. Are you as busy as I am " waking up the garden/yard?" I go to bed every night very sore but excited to see what's coming up the next morning. Have a wonderful 70 degree day :)
      Love, Beth

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