How to Grow Better Boston Ferns

Saturday, April 4, 2015

My mother always grows the biggest Boston Ferns.
When you see hers you think, what is she doing that I'm not doing?
By the end of the summer her ferns
 look like they have been grown in Jurassic Park.
I am going to tell you her secret to huge, healthy, happy Boston ferns.

She buys her ferns at Lowes or Home Depot - usual places, watching for
best prices.  She takes the fern out of it's original container.
It's easy to do once you pop or pry those hanger pieces.
You can cut them off too...just don't use your good sewing scissors!
Someone out there knows what I'm talking about.

She finds a pot that is bigger than the pot it was grown in and plants it in that pot.
Miracle Grow Potting Mix with Moisture Control is another "must have"
ingredient.  You will be so happy with your ferns this summer if you just
follow my mother's fern knowledge. 

I bought my ferns yesterday at Lowe's for $10.99.
The minute I got them home I soaked them in a tub of water for several hours.
Then this morning I planted them in the pots I found at Home Depot last summer.
Good luck with your ferns.  Anyone out there use Epsom Salt on their
ferns?  I hear from a reliable source, Mrs. Wanda Wheeler from Hemphill, Tx.
that using Epsom Salt is also another secret ingredient to healthy ferns.
  I will be finding out how much she uses in her watering can.
Happy Gardening!

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