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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Stacked stone edging
I've told many of you about my knot garden.
The minute I experienced seeing Linda Vater's potager last fall I knew
I had to design something like hers in my backyard. 
Go to to read all about Linda's beautiful yard.
Brew a pot of tea and just enjoy her gardening wisdom and
lovely pictures of her garden. I could, and have, spent hours
reading her blog.  You'll see what I mean.
I worked on my knot garden design all winter.  Once I figured out what
type of boxwood I wanted to plant, I had to figure out how many I would need
for my design.   
This is a lot of figuring for me!  I "figured" I would need 57 boxwood.
I did my research and bought "Baby Gem" boxwood. They were my
best choice for the area I was planting my knot garden.
My little English knot garden is 10 feet x 20 feet. 
It took several months to get the space ready to plant.
That required grass removal, rotor-tilling and a ton of "Teel Mix."
I like how it's turning out.  The next big decision was how to edge
the space.  I thought about metal edging but soon realized it wasn't the look I was
going for. 
Today Paul and I went out to Hardscape and found the perfect rocks.
They are limestone - which follows in line with the rest of my
rocks - but they are flat stackers. 
You can buy rocks at Hardscape by the pound.  These limestone stackers
are 14 cents per pound.  I "figure" it will cost around $75. for all the rocks.
I have three of the four sides completed.  It's really fun picking out the perfect
rocks for each project.  I will be out there again next week to buy enough
rocks for the other side. 
It's not difficult to do a stacked stone edge around your
flowerbeds.  You just have to select the right size for your
area and start stacking them.  It's truly like working a puzzle.
I will keep you updated with seasonal pictures of my little knot garden.


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