Transformation To Topiary

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Have I told you I love topiaries? 
Within minutes I turn into Edward Scissorhands.  I'm not into
making a plant into an animal form as you see in
English Gardening books of "long ago!"
I just like the simple shape of a ball shape on top and if your lucky,
a ball shape on bottom.
I bought this Green Mountain boxwood last fall on the
75% off table at Home Depot.
  In fact I bought quite a few.  Who can pass up a good deal like that?
I let it grow all winter on the south side of the house.  Once spring
arrived it really started putting on a lot of growth.

This is what my Green Mountain Boxwood looks like now.
I already have a nice little container waiting for it.
The secret to buying a plant to make into a topiary is finding one
with strong central straight stems.
The best part about using a boxwood is that the stems are strong - no bracing
required.  Boxwoods are one of the easiest plants to grow.
Now, go to your nearest plant nursery and thoroughly examine
their boxwoods to see which one would make the best topiary. 
 Did you know that most 1 gallon boxwoods
have two separate plants that can be pulled apart to make
two plants?  It just takes a little gentle pulling apart.
That's my best tip for the day!
Have a blessed Easter.

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