"Black Lace" Elderberry

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

"Black Lace" Elderberry is one of my favorite shrubs.  It is one of the few shrubs that
has dark purple-black leaves.  I tell those visiting my garden that it
gives you the look of a Japanese Maple - but at a fraction
of the cost. 
Black Lace Elderberry shrub is behind crepe myrtle and Hinoki Cypress

"Black Lace" Elderberry provides such a great backdrop for plants.  Notice how the Hinoki
Cypress above is such a beautiful contrast to the leaves of the elderberry?  
 "Black Lace" Elderberry has creamy pink blooms in the early
spring.  The blooms last about two weeks and are
actually fragrant.

"Black Lace" Elderberry will take radical pruning if needed for a
desired shape. 
Consider a "Black Lace" Elderberry for a special spot in your garden.
It will take full sun or semi-shade and the best part is that it comes back
every year. 
USDA Hardiness Zone 4-7 (Tulsa is Zone 7)
Rumor has it that there is now a new elderberry called
"Lemon Lace" - with bright golden foliage.
Colebrook Nursery in Tulsa had them earlier this spring.
Google to see the picture of the "Lemon Lace" - it's gorgeous.
Now if I could only figure out where to put one of those! 


  1. Where did you get this black elderberry? It is beautiful! -Audrey

  2. Hi Audrey. I bought the black lace at Colebrooks Nursery or Ted & Debbie's on Harvard.

  3. Thank you for the reply! Audrey


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