End of the Summer

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Last February I started planning my knot garden.  So many of you
have asked me, "What is a knot garden?"  To me,
it's a garden that has plants that weave together by their
form to make a knot. 
My little knot garden is just beginning to show promise after it's first
season of growth. 
The boxwood pattern has not changed, but the
plants in each quadrant have changed. 
At first I filled the spaces to capacity with plants that were chosen because
of their colors...forgetting to consider their growth
That's when I made some drastic changes.
I pulled up all the "extras" except for the coleus, lantana, ajuga, lambs ear,
dianthus and money wart.

The "Wasabi" coleus ended up the size of large shrubs.  I planted just 6
coleus cuttings per quadrant and then shaped them
by trimming them into big huge balls.
I love the way the "Wasabi" coleus glows.  I will for
sure repeat this next spring. 
Here's the plant names in case you want to plant your own little knot garden:
Baby Gem Boxwood
Golden Dream Variegated Boxwood
"Sparkler" Ajuga
White Dianthus
"Bandana White" Lantana
Helene Von Stein Lambs Ear
"Wasabi" Coleus
(Knot Garden size: 10 feet x 20 feet.)
Happy Gardening!

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