Lampshades Repurposed

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

We all come across lampshades that have come to the
end of their use as a lamp shade.
You see them at estate sales, garage sales and Good-Will.
When you find one that has a nice size and shape be sure that
it has "bones" - those metal braces on the sides.

Now carefully cut off the shade fabric.  This is why I buy
used scissors at estate sales for projects such as this.
I find that the best ones to buy are the Fiskars brand.
I also buy extra scissors to use in the garden.  Nothing
trims tender branches as easily as a good pair of scissors.
I think it's easier on your hands too. 

 Once you get the fabric off you will now need to
cut off that center part.  It will take a heavy duty pair of pliers
and heavy duty muscles!  This is where Paul comes in.
I use these lampshades to support my tall plants.  You can't even see
the lampshades once the plants begin to grow.  I have learned to put the
lampshades around the plants early in the season so that
I don't damage any tender branches while forcing
the support around the plant.
So, when you come across an ugly lampshade for around
$3.00 at a sale - grab it and know that you have
a good use destined for it. 
Plants that are perfect for lampshade support:
Shasta Daisy
Garden Phlox
Indian Pink
Happy Gardening and Shopping :)

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