Waging War on Rust

Thursday, September 17, 2015

I found these vintage plant holders years ago.  I had to do a lot
of arm twisting to get Paul to drill bolts into these beautiful
old brick walls to anchor these holders  I bought two of these holders...I seem to
always buy in pairs because of this balance issue I have.
These plant holders came with metal pots and after the first
year I realized I needed to order an extra pair or two because I was
beginning to see rust invade the corners of the pots.
With this rectangular shape I knew I couldn't find this size easily
at the garden centers. 
See the rust all over the pot?  I also noticed when watering the plants
that the water was pouring out the corners. 
 Time to break open the next set of pots. 
First, I drilled a hole in the center of each pot then I sprayed
the inside of the pots with this type of paint called
 Rusto-leum Leak Seal Flexible Rubber Coating. 
 It's my last great hope because I don't have any more back up pots! 

 So if you are shopping around town and you see an interesting
metal container that would make a great container for a plant
keep in mind that you can spray the inside of the container with
this rubber coating paint and keep the rust away.

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