Cottage Pots Are Ready

Monday, November 2, 2015

I have a passion for making these cottage pots
also known as Hypertufa pots. 

Dwarf Alberta Spruce - made into a topiary - easy to do!
This is the first year I've made really big cottage pots.
The tall one is planted with a new idea for me - a little spruce.
I decided to make it into a topiary.  These Alberta Spruce are
all over town this time of year - really cheap. 
 They do take full sun.
In two weeks I will be planting the empty cottage pots with Paper White bulbs.
I have to time it just right so that the bulbs are just barely up.
Paper White bulbs take only 6 weeks to complete their bloom.

Another thing to plant in these pots are herbs.
My herb of choice is lemon thyme.  I'm able to use this
lemon thyme all winter.  Remember my use of this thyme
to make herbal butter?  Sure makes a nice gift.
Hope to see you at the Tulsa Herb Society's biggest
annual event, "Carols & Crumpets" December 5th at the
Tulsa Garden Center.  There are so many wonderful
vendors with great items to sell. 
Have a wonderful fall day!

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