Planting Bulbs Today

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

 Today is planting day for me.  I have to time it just right so that the paper white bulbs look their best for
 "Carols & Crumpets" December 5th - 3 weeks away! 

Bulbs are placed in pots, not completely planted in this picture.

The pots have to be kept inside because the weather will eventually be turning cold. 
This is not a good look for my dining room.
Not sure what I'm going to do when Thanksgiving gets here!  

 For those of you that are interested in planting paper white bulbs here are some instructions:
1.  Buy bulbs that are firm,  Some bulbs can be squishy which means they are rotten.
2.  Place the bulbs in potting soil or pea gravel. 
3.  How deep?  Plant so that the top of the bulb is barely showing.
4.  Water thoroughly after planting and then water your container as needed - keeping soil moist.
5.  It takes 6 weeks for your paper white to fully bloom so check your calendar. 
Containers planted with paper white bulbs must be kept inside.
Once the bulbs bloom the plant can be pulled from container and thrown away.
Now you can plant your container with something else or put it away
 in safe keeping for spring planting.  



Pots ready for delivery last December.  I topped the soil with pea gravel to give the bulbs stability.


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